A downloadable horror game for Windows

HOM:E is a first person horror/escape game. The goal is to get out of the house and avoid the monster that is constantly chasing you. Hold shift to run and use the WASD keys to move. Once you find the camera, left-click to stun the enemy with a flash of light. Find the keys that unlock doors of their corresponding color.

This game was developed in the 2019 Global Game Jam.  The theme was what does Home mean to you. We took a literal approach to this years theme by titling our game HOM:E, which is an acronym for "Hands Of Mercy: Eidolon".

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Install instructions

Download, unzip, and play!


HOME.zip 31 MB


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I just finished recording this for my YouTube channel Nickscalibur and it was a fun little game to play. Some minor things to say about it: The sounds were amazing and implemented really well(especially the ending song), the mechanic was fun to learn how to play with, and the most MAJOR GAME BREAKING BUG WAS FOUND. If you don't pick up the camera the monster doesn't spawn. No idea if this is intentional or not though. Good job though. 

It was a nice horror game! Despite the confusion with how stuff works and all. I really liked this game once I found out what to do! I had to lower down the graphics in order to play this game at a better frame rate because my computer is trash. But I am still able to play it which is the best thing that can happen to my computer. To be honest I should have at least looked at the description of the game before playing xD. Thanks so much for making a cool game! Keep up the good work!

Yo! I included yer game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! It was real fun! Hope ya enjoy!

Skip to 6:39 to see me play your game!

This was an awesome game i had a blast and you should too DOWNLOAD THIS you won't regret it plus flashing monsters my dream come true

hi, big thx for the game. nice ;) greetings from germany


SKIP TO 14:22!!!